Vince Live - Transform Your Users into Superusers

By Peder Floer

When we talk about Vince Live, we spend a lot of time discussing digitalization and the freeing of data from system-specific silos. But we spend a little less time exploring what all of that means for your company’s most important asset - your people.

The truth is, siloed data across multiple systems almost inevitably leads to siloed job roles. That’s because each of your systems needs its own set of users who understand the technology, the interface, and the quirks of that particular tool.

But gaining a high level of proficiency with a given IT system usually requires a good deal of training and plenty of experience. And by focusing on just one system in a wide network of interconnected systems, most of the time your staff lose sight of the bigger picture - their job role itself becomes its own silo, disconnected from the wider business processes that it’s a part of.

In turn, this can make complex processes - like those that support your supply chain - disjointed, uncoordinated and inefficient, and it can leave your staff feeling frustrated and isolated because they don’t have a clear view of important information that impacts their job.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Turning Users into Superusers

IT systems are there to help your employees do their jobs faster, more accurately, and more efficiently - but all too often these tools end up getting in the way.

We designed Vince Live to break down the barriers between your IT systems and the business processes they support by bringing the data from all of your systems together in one place. As a result, your users have access to a unique, comprehensive overview of the end-to-end business processes that matter to them.

Take purchasing as an example - your purchasers are probably end users of some kind of dedicated purchasing tool, where they focus predominantly on tasks like inventory management, tracking purchase orders, and updating prices.
Vince Live turns your purchasing team into superusers by freeing them from the shackles of a single system, allowing them to collect and analyse business-critical data across the end-to-end purchasing process, from supplier to warehouse and everything in between. There’s no need to jump from system to system or chase colleagues across the supply chain for status updates - everything your purchasing team needs can be found in one place, one tool, and one screen - Vince Live.

And that’s just the beginning.

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Vince Live - Transform Your Users into Superusers M3

Vince Live’s integrated workflow engine allows your users to automate a wide range of repetitive, time-consuming tasks like data entry, maintenance, and analysis across all your systems simultaneously. Whether it’s a mass update that effects data in multiple IT systems or the targeted monitoring of a problem area in your business - Vince Live’s workflow engine does the heavy lifting, freeing your staff up to focus on value-generating activities.

The ability to carry out data analyses across the entire data stream underpinning a given business process means Vince Live users are often able to fix issues without having to raise a ticket with your support teams, further reducing the time your staff spend battling IT systems. And speaking of ‘issues’, fully configurable dashboards and alerts give your users a real-time, comprehensive overview of the status of the health of their entire business process, meaning the right people know about emerging issues immediately.

Unlike with other IT solutions, becoming a Vince Live superuser doesn’t require in-depth training - the user interface is simple and intuitive, and our low-code, modular workflow engine doesn’t require any technical expertise to operate.

Expanding horizons

Vince Live isn’t just about taking control of your data across complex IT ecosystems - it’s also a tool that can enrich the day to day lives of your staff by broadening the scope of their work and challenging them to think outside the box.

The reason for this is simple: Vince Live gives your systems experts all the freedom and flexibility they need to become genuine end-to-end process experts. Where once they might have been fighting finicky legacy IT systems or spending time on manual tasks like data entry - with Vince Live they can focus on being more proactive.

That might mean seeking out opportunities to improve processes, solving problems across the supply chain, engaging in training that adds new skills to their arsenal, or any one of a hundred other things.

It’s great for your employees - and that means it’s good for business, too.

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