Vince Live – Give Your Supply Chain Superpowers

By Thormod Berger

We recently announced the launch of our brand-new cloud solution designed to help you manage and optimize the flow of data across your entire supply chain. Vince Live is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor, analyze, and execute data across highly complex and integrated IT ecosystems like ERP to automate resource-intensive tasks and help you gain control over business-critical data.

In this article, we’re going to cover the key features of Vince Live in more detail to give you a better understanding of how this unique and flexible solution can change the way you do business - for the better.

Workflow Engine

The beating heart of Vince Live is its proprietary workflow engine - a flexible and intuitive tool designed to give you complete mastery over the data throughout your entire supply chain by allowing you to build customized workflows that solve the unique data challenges faced by your business.

The workflow engine is a modular, no-code solution that puts unprecedented power in the hands of your users. Complex data maintenance, management, and analysis across the IT systems that support your supply chain – for example your ERP solution - typically requires a high degree of technical expertise. But Vince Live is different. With minimal training, data-related tasks that would once have required a team of external consultants can now be carried out by regular users. Not only does that reduce or even eliminate your reliance on expensive third-party providers, but as your data needs change over time, your users can also adapt existing workflows or create new ones, ensuring Vince Live evolves along with your business.

Use workflows to collect data across all the different systems supporting your supply chain, including your ERP, CMS, WMS, PIM, and more. What you do with that data next is entirely up to you - build workflows that present important information in customizable dashboards to ensure your business teams are always in the know; scan for errors and alert technical teams to emerging issues and data deviations; update data across your systems in response to external changes like pricing updates, and much, much more. Vince Live’s utility is limited only by your imagination!

Vince Live – Give Your Supply Chain Superpowers

As an example, you might build a workflow to monitor your supply chain for delayed deliveries. Here, the input could be an API calling all purchase orders from your ERP system. A filter could then be applied to show only unfulfilled purchase orders with planned delivery dates in the past. The output from this workflow could be all your delayed deliveries presented in a dashboard for your purchasing team, or perhaps an Excel spreadsheet that’s automatically forwarded via email to the purchaser.

Once a workflow like this is defined, it can be set to run as often as you need it to, meaning you no longer have to wait to find out about delayed deliveries from unhappy customers and can instead proactively manage what could be a damaging experience through your customer services team.

This is just one example among thousands of potential applications for the Vince Live workflow engine. Keep any eye on this blog for more ideas in the future.

Dashboard and Widgets

Just as important as collecting and analyzing data across your IT systems is being able to understand what that data is telling you as quickly as possible. And that’s where Vince Live’s robust suite of widgets and dashboards comes in, helping you gain valuable, at-a-glance insight into the data that’s most important to your business.

Vince Live comes pre-packaged with a series of template dashboards to get you started, but users also have the freedom to fully customize dashboards however they need to.

Design bespoke dashboards for different departments or teams within your business, configure conditional formatting to highlight important KPIs and alert staff to key threshold breaches, and track only the data that matters to you.

Dashboards can be built using any combination of our drag and drop widgets, which include infoboxes, bar charts, and line graphs – watch this space for new widgets coming soon.

Watch the launch of Vince Live

User Management and Security

Vince Live’s versatile data collection, analysis, execution, and visualization capabilities are underpinned by a robust and secure user management and security framework that ensures your users can only interact with the data they are permitted to access - and nothing more.

Access management is handled natively within Vince Live - either assign permissions on a user-by-user basis or build predefined roles to implement user access based on job responsibilities. Whatever you choose, your data is safe and secure with Vince Live.

Vince Live also comes with Active Directory integration as standard, meaning joiners, movers, and leavers are tracked automatically and users are verified against AD at login, further securing your solution.

Vince Live – Give Your Supply Chain Superpowers

Eliminate the Unknown Unknowns

Corrupted files, human errors, and inter-system data silos that have fallen out of sync are a fact of life in modern IT ecosystems. But with Vince Live, you can rest assured that if and when these kinds of issues occur, they will be picked up in real-time, with fixes either automatically implemented, or the person or team responsible for resolving the issue made aware immediately.

The result is the elimination of ‘unknown unknowns’ and the peace of mind to trust that the data in your systems is reliable. And reliable data means happier customers, less stressed-out staff, and uninterrupted operations.

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