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By Thormod Berger

If you’ve been following our recent series of articles on our brand-new flagship cloud solution Vince Live (Brining IT together), you’ll know how it can help you optimize your supply chain, take back control of your data (Collect, Analyze, Execute), and complete complex and automated analyses of data across all your IT systems at the same time (workflow article).  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the innovative features that come as standard with your Vince Live subscription.

Dashboards and Widgets

Vince Live enables you to collect and analyze data across all your IT systems simultaneously, but equally important is being able to understand what that data is telling you as quickly as possible.

And that’s where Vince Live’s robust suite of widgets and dashboards comes in, helping you gain valuable, at-a-glance insight into the data that’s most important to your business.

Vince Live comes pre-packaged with a series of template dashboards to get you started, but users also have the freedom to fully customize dashboards however they need to.

Design bespoke dashboards for different departments or teams within your business, configure conditional formatting to highlight important KPIs and alert staff to key threshold breaches, and track only the data that matters to you.

Dashboards can be built using any combination of our drag and drop widgets, which include infoboxes, bar charts, and line graphs – watch this space for new widgets coming soon.

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Dashboards and widgets are a great way to present your people with the data they need to do their jobs effectively from day to day. But some information simply needs to be actioned now, even out of office hours or over the weekend.

For these situations, Vince Live allows you to configure automated alerts and notifications that put urgent information directly in the hands of the people who need it the instant it becomes available.

Simply define your threshold or other notification criteria, choose your notification type - email, SMS, or directly to a Microsoft Teams channel - and you’re all set. As soon as your threshold is breached or your criteria are fulfilled, a notification will be sent to the party responsible for resolving the issue.

Vince Live features- Infor M3

Excel Spreadsheets

Manage and maintain your data directly in Vince Live’s integrated version of Microsoft Excel, one of the most popular, powerful, and widely used applications in the world.

Collect data from multiple IT systems using Vince Live’s pre-configured systems integrations, then analyze that data however you need to directly in Excel. Once your analysis is complete, you can even use Excel spreadsheets to carry out mass data updates across all your systems at once with just a few clicks - all within Vince Live.

By utilizing Excel for data processing, Vince Live not only gives you an incredibly powerful analytics tool, it also eliminates the need to train your staff to use a new and complicated application.

Kanban Board

Complex business processes and projects run at their smoothest when the people involved have a clear overview of the status of each task or deliverable. With their origins in lean manufacturing, kanban boards give you exactly that, using swimlanes to create a highly visual overview of a given process or project.

With Vince Live, you have access to an integrated kanban module that allows you to design custom kanban boards to support your key business processes.

Whether it’s tracking order statuses or coordinating multiple parties in your procurement process, kanban boards help your people do their work more efficiently, consistently, and successfully.

vince live features kanbanboard - Infor m3

Web Apps

Vince Live web apps enable you to design and build your own applications that expand Vince Live’s interface.

Whether you want to build a custom UI around an important business process or create a user-friendly wrapper to simplify a complex, multi-stage workflow, our web apps offer a low-code and highly versatile way to enhance your Vince Live experience.

Vince Live web apps are easy to build and don’t require in-depth technical knowledge or coding skills to create, meaning many of our customers design them in-house as and when they need to. Alternatively, Vince consultants will be more than happy to build and implement the web apps you need for your business.

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