Vince Live - Collect, Analyze, Execute

By Thormod Berger

The last few decades have seen a supply chain revolution driven by software like ERP, WMS, SCM, and more. These highly specialized IT systems come together to generate huge gains in efficiency and speed of operation across the supply chain, but they also dramatically increase the complexity of data flow throughout.

But along with those intricate data flows, each of the systems that supports your supply chain likely contains masses of siloed transaction and master data that needs to be coordinated in order to protect the continuity of your operations.

We designed Vince Live to help you take control of the data within your complex IT ecosystems, giving you the peace of mind to rest assured your data is consistent and reliable across all your systems simultaneously, while also giving your users the power to carry out valuable analysis, uncover insightful business information, and display important metrics in visually digestible dashboards and widgets.

That might sound like a lot to take in, but Vince Live achieves all of this in 3 simple steps:

Collect - Analyze - Execute. 

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To take control of your data in a complex IT ecosystem like that supporting your supply chain, first you have to release it from your system-specific silos.

But gathering data across multiple IT systems can seem like an impossible task, either requiring a huge amount of manual intervention on the part of your internal IT team, or the help of a team of expensive external consultants.

Vince Live is a single, centralized tool that makes collecting data across all your systems incredibly simple. It comes with a wide variety of predefined connections to common systems as standard, making it easy to collect, store, and process data from all the applications that support your supply chain in one place.

As a cloud solution, we regularly add new connections to Vince Live.

Don’t see the system you need? No problem. If you have a specific application you’d like to connect to Vince Live, just let us know - for most modern systems we can set this up and manage this connection for you in just a few days and at no additional cost.

Vince Live connects to your IT systems via APIs or REST APIs, meaning connections are simple, secure, and reliable. Collect target data from a system manually, automate data collection with workflows (more on those in the next section), or subscribe to certain data types from a given system to collect the data you need as soon it’s added or changed in the target system.


Now that you’re able to access data across all your systems in one place, it’s time to decide what to do with it.

We designed Vince Live to be as versatile as possible, so how you process your data will depend on where the priorities lie for your business. Are there operational problem areas like recurring late shipments or missing orders that need resolving? Do you want to search for duplicated or missing records across several applications and their associated databases? Or do you simply want to ensure that business-critical data like pricing information is aligned across all your systems?

With Vince Live, you can do all of this and much, much more.

Carry out analysis directly within Vince Live’s fully integrated version of Microsoft Excel, take advantage of our modular, no-code workflow engine to carry out data maintenance, management, and analysis across all your IT systems, or to automate repetitive tasks based on whatever conditions or triggers you need.

Vince Live - Collect, Analyze, Execute infor m3


Once you’ve collected and analyzed your data, Vince Live allows you to act on your findings in three key ways:

Data updates

Update, add, or remove data across all your IT systems. This can either be done manually, for example to update purchase prices by uploading an Excel-based supplier price sheet, or automatically based on predefined rules, for example to correct data deviations uncovered by your workflows. Push these updates out to specific systems, or to all of them simultaneously.


Vince Live notifications allow you to send out automatic alerts when certain conditions are met, allowing you to react dynamically as things change within your business. Configure alerts to notify responsible parties about a new task they need to carry out, or put urgent information in the hands of people who need it to resolve emerging issues.

Notifications can either be in the form of emails, SMS, or Microsoft teams messages, and we plan to add more notification types in the future.

Display data

Vince Live isn’t just for helping you gain control over your data - it’s also there to give you a better understanding of that data. Take advantage of dashboards and widgets to bring your data to life, presenting business-critical information in an at-a-glance format that’s just as valuable to your business teams as it is to the IT department.

Access to dashboards is role specific, meaning your people can see exactly the information they need, and nothing more – perfect for large monitors in team areas or offices.

Vince Live comes pre-packaged with a series of template dashboards to get you started, but users also have the freedom to fully customize dashboards however they need to.

Dashboards can be built using any combination of our drag and drop widgets, which include infoboxes, bar charts, and line graphs – watch this space for new widgets coming soon.

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