Vince Live - Bringing IT Together

By Peder Floer

We recently announced the launch of Vince Live, our upcoming cloud solution designed to help you monitor and manage business-critical data across complex, interconnected IT ecosystems. With go-live just around the corner, we wanted to share a little more with you about what you can expect from Vince Live, and how it can help change the way you do business - for the better.

The Supply Chain Revolution

In recent decades, supply chain management has changed almost beyond recognition. Concepts such as JIT and lean have introduced efficiencies and eliminated waste. And thanks to widespread digitization that’s still ongoing today, the barriers between previously siloed supply chain activities are being broken down to create a single, seamless, lean process.

As a result, modern supply chains are highly interconnected and agile - and of course, hyper efficient.

On the surface, that’s a very good thing indeed. But these productivity gains have come at a cost - the flow of information has never been more complicated than it is today. Which is why companies require a huge supporting cast of specialist business applications working in tandem in order to run their supply chains effectively.

More Systems, More Problems

The technological framework that underpins the supply chain in your business will very likely consist of multiple software solutions - ERP, PIM, CMS, HRM, WMS, TMS, SCM, PoS - and several more besides.

There is a huge amount of transaction and master data siloed across each of these different systems that needs to be coordinated. And yet today, there is no straightforward way of achieving that.

The data flow in any modern supply chain is incredibly complex. And with no central master data repository underpinning this ecosystem, it’s easy for data to become out of sync or out of date from one system to the next.

And when that happens, your apparently well-oiled supply chain machine can very quickly come grinding to a halt as support teams frantically attempt to uncover the issue.

And that’s where Vince Live comes in.

Vince Live - Bringing IT Together

When the data that supports your supply chain differs from one system to the next, it can no longer be relied upon. And data that can’t be trusted has the potential to undermine the smooth operation of your business, cost you money, and impact your reputation with customers.

Vince Live allows you to monitor and manage data across each and every one of the systems that support your supply chain inside a single, cloud-based application, bringing the management of these systems together in one screen for the first time.

And thanks to its unique inter-system data monitoring and management capabilities, Vince Live makes data deviations and discrepancies a thing of the past. Think of Vince Live as a single source of truth ensuring your business-critical data is always correct across all your systems.

Here’s how it works…


Monitor the data and data flows that are important to you across all your IT systems in real-time.


Process this data however you need to - automatically hunt for data discrepancies between systems, set up alerts when pre-defined thresholds are breached, display key metrics in fully customizable dashboards, or investigate possible issues as they emerge (before they have any business impact). You can even analyze your data directly in Microsoft Excel if you need to go deeper, before reuploading the updates in your spreadsheet with a single click.


Execute data updates across all your systems directly in Vince Live, or take advantage of our powerful workflow engine to build custom, automated business processes that support your existing systems. Use Vince Live to fix data deviations, carry out mass updates, and much, much more. And all this is achieved without modifications to your existing solutions.

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An Example - Pricing

When it comes to business-critical data, it’s fair to say pricing information is one of the big-ticket items. Not only is it customer-facing, meaning it has the potential to incur reputational damage if incorrect, it also most likely appears in multiple places across a wide range of systems - your ERP, PoS, e-commerce, omnichannel solution, on store shelves, and more.

With Vince Live, ensuring your pricing data is in sync across each and every IT system in your business couldn’t be easier.

Simply collect real-time pricing data from all your systems, automatically analyze that data for discrepancies and configure automated alerts that inform the individual or team responsible for fixing any issues that are uncovered, and execute any necessary updates to your pricing data across all your systems centrally within Vince Live.

No more nasty surprises, no more customer confusion, and no more uncertainty.

ERP peace of Mind

Vince Live empowers you to take control over your business-critical data, giving you the peace of mind to know you can trust the information in your systems, no matter how complex your supply chain and no matter how many systems are involved.

And when your supply chain runs without needless interruptions, you can concentrate on getting your products out to your customers faster, improving your processes, and setting your support staff - who used to focus on manual checks and firefighting - to work on value-generating activities.

And of course, by utilizing Vince Live to help keep your supply chain lean and clean, you reduce your costs in the process.

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