Vince Latest News

Stay up to date with our latest announcements and news

Vince Latest News

Stay up to date with our latest announcements and news

VSE Tehcnical Webinar

14 March, 2022
We are throwing a Technical webinar for Existing customers on Vince security, you can read more and...

Upcoming webinars

27 January, 2022
We have three upcoming webinars!

Get to know one of the founders of Vince more

9 December, 2021
Why did you jump off your career path and start Vince? 

New senior project manager

2 December, 2021
Kjetil Volle joins Vince as Senior Project Manager and Business Developer, with 15+ years...

Vince AB has a new employee!

24 November, 2021
Say hello to our newest employee Christer Lindström.

H5 scripting: Free up time when entering data and improve your business quality

16 November, 2021
Have you ever observed your users entering customer, purchase, distribution, or return orders in...

100 subscribers!

10 November, 2021
A new huge milestone for Vince was reached last week. We signed customer number 100 as a subscriber...

AWS serverless hero

4 November, 2021
Aakash Apoorv has joined us as Head of development. Aakash has a lot of knowledge and experience...

Webinar with Infoteam on Vince Live

1 November, 2021
InfoTeam will host a webinar focusing on Vince Live today! With two Infor M3 customer cases: We...

Our brand new employee

21 October, 2021
Say hello to the latest member of the Vince family.

The challenges of maintaining your Infor M3 master data

13 October, 2021
In our latest blog, we are talking about master data and why it has become more challenging doing...

Get to know Peder Jacobsen

8 October, 2021
Read our employee interview with Peder Jacobsen and learn more about his passions, values, and...

Strategic advisor

30 September, 2021
Welcome to our Strategic advisor sara mahdavi. Her responsibilities will be in the area of process...

Arne Nordvik - New employee

22 September, 2021
Enhanced focus on customer satisfaction: Vince is happy to announce that we have welcomed Arne...

Thursdays in October..

17 September, 2021
We have arranged three Vince webinars – one for each of our applications: Take this opportunity to...

How to manage your ERP pains with Vince Live

8 September, 2021
New blog is out! Discover how Vince Live can cure your ERP pains via its single repository of...

We are hiring head of development

6 September, 2021
We need you to have: 

New employee Kristoffer Eidissen

2 September, 2021
Please give a warm welcome to Kristoffer Eidissen, our new Business developer. Kristoffer is 28...


31 August, 2021
Vince is looking forward to participating in the Danish M3 user conference on Sep 28-29 2021. This...

Vince DNA

25 August, 2021
New corporate video released! Get to know more about Vince and our DNA! ...

Movex / M3 användarförening

23 August, 2021
If you are a Swedish Infor M3 user you should become a member and join this event. ...

Vince Live launch

19 August, 2021
We are so thrilled about our Vince Live launch, where we had over 100 participants! If you missed...

How to optimize your entire supply chain

10 August, 2021
Do you want to know how you can optimize your information flow across your entire supply chain? The...

Sneak peek of Vince Live

16 June, 2021
Get the first sneak peek of Vince Live and some of the features Vince live will have that make...

Upcoming events

26 April, 2021
Infoteam 28th April, Plantasjen tells all on Click and Collect. (Norwegian language) Sign up here ...

Global Success

21 April, 2021
Vince is experiencing global success with subscribers in the M3 market from all around the world....

4 new faces in Vince

12 April, 2021
Maria Lian has taken on the role of head of Service/Operations in Vince AS. In addition to leading...

Our brand new reseller

5 April, 2021
Our brand new reseller Navcite. Navcite simplifies and digitalizes customers’ life with the...

New reseller – M3SC

10 March, 2021
Our brand new reseller M3SC. M3CS is an Infor M3 consultant company in Sweden.Their business aims...

Webinars coming up!

3 February, 2021
We have 3 webinars coming up!

New Milestone for Vince

3 December, 2020
New Milestone for Vince. Today we reach 10 Million NOK in subscriptions. We now have 125 active...

New employee

14 November, 2020
We are happy to announce Gunnar Bengtsson as our new employee.

New reseller Acter Consulting

9 September, 2020
We announce Acter Consulting as our Reseller in Spain. Acter Consulting is a licensed reseller of...

New Vince Excel release

5 September, 2020
New Vince Excel (VXL) release available now, with minor enhancements and bug fixes. Get the latest...

Vince back to ‘normal’

3 June, 2020
Vince are now 100% back to the same operational level and performance as before the corona...

Corona situation

12 March, 2020
Due to the latest development related to the corona outbreak, Vince has canceled all participation...

Ready made connector in VBU – Logiq

24 January, 2020
We are very proud to announce that VBU (Vince Butler) now has a ready-made connector to Logiq and...

Welcome Martin Hilmersson as MD for Vince Sweden!

21 January, 2020
Vince has hired Martin Hilmersson as MD of Vince AB. Martin has an extensive and solid background...

Brødrene Hartmann A/S starts subscription for VXL

12 December, 2019
Danish company Brødrene Hartmann A/S who is the world’s leading manufacturer of molded-fiber egg...

Dahl Sverige AB signs subscription for VBU

18 November, 2019
Dahl Sverige AB have selected VBU – Vince Butler for monitoring of their ERP systems.

Veoneer AB selects VSE for compliance

4 November, 2019
Veoneer is the world’s largest company focused on Safety Electronics for the car industry. They...

Voice Norge AS start subscription on VSE

20 October, 2019
Voice have selected Vince Security (VSE) and its solution for Segregation of duty to make Infor M3...

Finlands biggest breweries, Olvi OY signes subscription

1 October, 2019
Finlands biggest breweries, Olvi OY signes subscription for Vince Excel to help them with their...

Dahl Sverige AB signs subscription for VSE

30 September, 2019
 Dahl Sverige AB (a company inside Saint Gobain Group) has signed a subscription for Vince Security...

Møbelringen AS starts subscription on VBU

29 September, 2019
To add to their portfolio Møbelringen signed a subscription with Vince Butler (VBU) today. They...

Logitrans A/S signs subscription for VBU

23 September, 2019
We are delighted to welcome Logitrans A/S from Denmark as a subscriber of Vince butler (VBU)...

New Release of VXL including Multi Tenant

22 September, 2019
Read about the highligts from our latest VXL release of 23th of September including compability for...

Norgesgruppen ASA expands VBU to new business units

6 September, 2019
2 more business units inside Norgesgruppen is now subscribers on Vince butler (VBU) for monitoring...

Protan AS signs subscription for VXL

29 August, 2019
Protan AS an already existing customer on Vince Butler (VBU) have just signed subscription...

Signing for all 3 applications!

5 August, 2019
 A new signing for all 3 applications! Kavli Holding AS, one of Norway's biggest food production...

Vince signs new subscriptions for VXL and VBU

24 June, 2019
June has been a record signing month for Vince, and one of the contracts is Protan AS and Office...

New subscription for VSE

24 June, 2019
Meira OY is a Finnish company that produces coffee and seasonings for consumers and the trade...

3 new large subscriptions

11 June, 2019
Big clients in Sweden and Finland have signed a deal for Vince Security and Vince butler, welcome. 

SOSY A/S becomes reseller of Vince Smart App

19 May, 2019
We are very pleased to announce that SOSY A/S becomes a reseller of Vince Smart App applications...

Vince AS and Anthesis Ltd sign strategic partnership

11 April, 2019
Welcome to Athesis Ltd as our reseller in UK and Benelux market. Main focus is Vince Smart App...

Stella McCartney Ltd signs subscription for VXL

19 March, 2019
Yet another fashion company signed a contract for VXL, and this is also our second deal in England...

Baudouin from France signs contract for VXL

17 March, 2019
We and our good partner Colombus is very happy to announce that Baudouin from France have signed...

Lely Services BV signs subscription for VSE & VXL

11 March, 2019
We very much welcome Lely as our first customer in Netherland. They start subscriptions for VSE &...

Plantasjen AS signs subscription for VXL and VBU

10 March, 2019
To help Plantasjen with entering ERP data through Excel, they invested in Vince excel (VXL). But...

Cath Kidston Ltd signs subscription for VXL

26 February, 2019
Today we are announcing that Cath Kidston LTD a UK based fashion company have signed an agreement...

Using VXL to move from movex to Infor M3

18 February, 2019
WJ Business Partner AS has signed a subscription for VXL. They will use the tool both in their...

Kanthal AB signs subscription for VSE

21 January, 2019
Kanthal AB which is a company inside Sandvik, have signed subscription for VSE – Vince Security...

Norgesgruppen Data AS signs subscription for VXL

20 December, 2018
Norgesgruppen Data AS who is the IT company for the largest Food & Beverage Retailer in Norway,...

Flokk AS signs subscription for VSE – Vince Security Center

16 December, 2018
Pleased to announce that Flokk AS – an international producer of office furniture – has just signed...

Seco Tools AB signs subscription for VSE

9 December, 2018
Seco Tools AB, which is a large Swedish manufacture of building equipment tools and a part of...

Brubakken AS signs subscription for VXL

28 November, 2018
The norwegian rental & service company Brubakken AS have signed an agreement for Vince Excel (VXL)...

Fristads Kansas AB signs agreement for VXL

27 November, 2018
Fristads Kansas AB a Swedish Fashion company with focus on  work cloths have just signed an...

Bilglassgruppen AS signs contract for VXL

18 October, 2018
Today we signed our first subscription contract with Bilglassgruppen AS (Riis) for subscription on...

Horseware Pvt Lmt from Irland selects VSE

23 September, 2018
Give a big welcome to our first Irish client. Horseware Pvt Lmt have selected Vince Security Center...

Sandvik SRP AB signs subscription for VSE

6 August, 2018
Today Sandvik Rock Processing AB signed subscription for Vince Security (VSE) to make Infor M3...

Plus Pack A/S signs subscription for VSE and VBU

5 August, 2018
Danish joy!  Plus Pack has signed subscriptions for full VSE and VBU Light. This is our second...

3 new contracts

11 June, 2018
E.A Smith AS starts subscription on VXL. Brødrene Dahl AS signs a deal for a subscription on VSE....

2 New clients on VBU

26 April, 2018
We are very pleased to announce 2 more sales on VBU. Our partner iStone AB have sold subscription...

Optimera AS signs contract for VSE

24 April, 2018
Last week Optimera AS signed contract on Vince Security Center (VSE) from Vince AS as an...

Elkem ASA signs agreement for VSE

22 March, 2018
We welcome Elkem ASA, a world-leading producer of silicon, ferrosilicon, special alloys for the...

Vince signs their first deal in Finland

21 March, 2018
We have finally signed our first customer in Finland, we want to welcome Saarioinen OY as our first...

2 New contracts for Vince Excel

12 March, 2018
We are very pleased to announce that we have 2 more accounts added to the VXL family. Coop...

Varner signs subscriptions for VSE

1 February, 2018
We are very happy to announce that Varner becomes the first client to subscribe VSE – Vince...

Bakehuset signs for VBU

17 January, 2018
To help Bakehuset be more proactive and get warnings when something stops between systems inside...

Swegon AB start subscription on VXL

17 December, 2017
Today we are pleased to announce that Swegon have signed for subscription of VXL.

2 New VXL sales

3 December, 2017
We have to new VXL sales that we are happy to announce,  EOL Group and Total produce have signed...

Varner AS becomes the first pilot for VSE

11 October, 2017
The first pilot of VSE (Vince Security Center) is now ready for testing at Varner AS. Varner AS is...

New sales

10 October, 2017
Glad to announce 2 new sales. Skibygg AS has started their subscription for VBU after a period of...

A tool to help them monitor their Infor M3 processes.

14 June, 2017
Tools AS was looking for a tool to help them monitor their Infor M3 processes.And after a demo with...

Vince moves into new offices

12 June, 2017
Vince have now moved into Inkognitogata 34 in Oslo together with Advenit AS. We look forward to...

Gresvig signs agreement for Vince Butler

2 May, 2017
Gresvig AS signs an agreement for VBU for usage inside the enterprise. This is our first client for...

Vince Butler video release

7 March, 2017
Click the link to see the presentation video of our lastest product, Vince Butler (VBU)

New sales X 3

5 March, 2017
We are proud to announce 3 new sales. Møbelringen AS buys VPR, Höganäs AB buys VXL, and Hurtigruta...

Erik Villum becomes Director of board at Vince AS

7 November, 2016
Villum joined the Vince board of Directors in September 2016. He has experience in both management...

Vince signs 3 new contracts

1 November, 2016
We are expanding outside of Norway, and have signed our first Vince excel (VXL) subscription in USA...

Voice Norge AS starts subscription for VBU

13 October, 2016
Welcome to Voice as the latest subscriber for Vince Butler (VBU). VBU monitors the business process...

Vince Butler is officially released today

9 September, 2016
VBU is a software for monitoring the processes in Infor M3 and the surrounding environment. It...

Mikael Malmberg joins Vince

31 August, 2016
Mikael Malmberg has joined Vince from the 1st of September. Prior to joining Vince Mikael has...

Einar Broch as Director in Vince AS

25 May, 2016
Einar has more than 30 years' experience in IT industry, He has performed varied roles in...

Vince Butler sold to 4 customers

6 April, 2016
Our latest application which is still in pilot phase is already sold to 4 customers. Brødrene Dahl,...

Varner buys VBU

11 March, 2016
Varner has signed to purchase our latest offering, VBU – Vince Butler. VBU is an application which...