But with Vince, you can make Infor M3 even more powerful by tailoring it to your business’s unique requirements. In many cases, that can be the difference between having overloaded staff that struggle to stay on top of their daily duties and having a sustainable workflow that supports your key business processes and increases profitability.

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We can improve your ERP system organically

Has your company analyzed how much time it spends performing manual tasks in M3 systems and considered how automation could make these time-consuming operations more efficient? Any organization looking to improve its workflow needs to make this assessment a top priority.

At Vince, we don’t just want to make your ERP systems more efficient. We also want to give you a better overview of your resources and boost your solution’s confidence. For example, we can customize your user interface to minimize clicks and cross-window interactions or reduce the amount of data you have to input to access information. We can even streamline time-consuming procurement operations. Read more about how you can use H5 scripting here.

We want to make your M3 workflow better by making it easier for you to update your master data, process orders, calculate inventory, and navigate your system more efficiently. And those are just a few of the tasks we can streamline. With Vince, you can gain full control over user access, meaning you’re alerted to any security breaches in real-time. We present your M3 data in user-friendly dashboards that indicate conflicts between systems or other integrations associated with your M3 implementation.

Ultimately, you’re able to greatly reduce the time spent battling with your M3 solution, meaning your people can focus more on revenue-generating tasks.

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Support all your Infor M3 business-critical processes.

Vince has created a suite of applications to help support all your business-critical processes.

Vince Excel (VXL) lets you use Microsoft Excel to update any of your M3 data, utilizing Infor M3 APIs for fast and secure master data updates. For example, you can use VXL to correct postal codes or manage mass updates in the cloud when using SQL is not an option. To mention some of the possibilities with VXL.

Vince Security (VSE) provides a 360-degree security overview of your M3 system, giving you more control than ever before over users, roles, and functions. With VSE, you can complete security audits faster and identify and resolve access violations in seconds. M3 superusers love VSE for its ability to make security monitoring in M3 more user-friendly and less time-consuming.

Vince Butler (VBU) helps you make great decisions every day by showing only the data you need from M3. Fully customizable dashboards configured to your departments’ specific needs help both IT and the business keep track of the metrics that are important to them. When there’s an incident, VBU automatically generates email or SMS alerts, helping your support teams act fast to resolve the problem. An immediate alert that notifies only the relevant people required for incident resolution saves your company both time and money.

VBU is also invaluable for monitoring OIS275 (batch order entry) errors. Designated employees often spend a large portion of their working day, checking for OIS275 errors. VBU generates automatic alerts for OIS275 errors, freeing up support staff for other tasks.

These are just a few of the possibilities that Vince Butler offers. If you want to learn more about VBU, read our blog on how you can identify business-critical issues in real-time here.

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Improve your Infor M3

Vince can improve your core business systems by offering simplified, efficient solutions to everyday tasks. Whether you use VXL, VSE, VBU, or ask us to build you a custom solution, our tools save you time, making your business more profitable.

And we still have more to offer. Our Vince Live (VL) service has just been released. VL will go one step further, taking our applications online for the first time as part of our new cloud-based solution. Vince Live will let you pick and choose the solutions you need from our always up-to-date suite of applications. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on Vince Live.