How to get an overview when document errors occur in StreamServe

By Anneilen Ytterstad
The most common way to send documents from Infor M3 is through OpenText Exstream, also known as StreamServe/MOM. The base document is generated in Infor M3 and is then sent to StreamServe for formatting and preparation.

StreamServe can deliver data in various formats, including file types like XML, TXT, CSV, PDF, PCL, ZPL, and more. Completed documents like invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, and order confirmations are then sent to the designated receiver through predefined channels.

StreamServe also gives you full control over how you use your data, allowing you to prepare documents for printing, send them to file, deliver them to a document archive like IDM, or distribute them via email either as an attachment or directly in the message body. Documents can also be sent to Logiq via a StreamServe integration, either for later distribution of EHF or for external print. These integration solutions use APIs, Webservice, SQL, and ODBC, allowing StreamServe to support stable data flow through different channels.

It can be hard to have full control over every document and which status they have. So how can you get better control of your documents and get a better monitoring of their processes? And at the same time, receive a notification if something stops or doesn’t get delivered along the way.


How can you monitor your StreamServe documents?

Advenit, a Vince Partner, specializes in development and maintenance within StreamServe. Together we have built a connector which makes it possible for Vince Butler (VBU) to capture all traffic from StreamServe.

How to monitor StreamServe

Vince Butler then ensures you have control of every transaction and get a full overview of all documents sent between the systems.

With VBU you’ll be able to follow the progress of all outgoing documents through fully customizable dashboards, with automatic alerts generated via email or SMS if something goes wrong during the dispatch/delivery process. This real-time overview lets you take care of problems quickly and efficiently, giving you the confidence that your documents are safely delivered to the recipient – even those sent to Logiq.


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